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A roundup of the latest news in people strategy, company culture, and employee engagement.

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Avoiding the culture wars, time to hire continues to lengthen, reneging on remote work, no Cardi B in the office, UPS may strike, a new Gen Z/Millennial survey, judging moral judgment, sad news from Brazil and a new Del Bar.

Culture Edit - Roundup 6.12.23

Companies’ New Cause: Dodging the Culture Wars

“There’s no pure algorithm to put all this stuff in a spreadsheet to tell you what to do,”

Time-to-hire rates are increasing significantly for almost all roles

Jobs now take an average of 44 days to fill, up from 43 days a year ago, professional services are at 47 days. Supply is simply not meeting demand, despite the headlines.

A New CEO Says Employees Can’t Work Remotely After All, and They Revolt

This might hurt his Glassdoor approval rating a bit.

Play "explicit" music at work? That could amount to harassment, court rules

Seems like a no-brainer. Check out the NICH playlists on Spotify for the safe bet.

UPS Strike Looming

Supply chain disaster in the making.

2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey

New data on perceptions around work life, mental health, financial concerns, etc.

The illusion of moral decline

Study shows that people believe that people have become less kind and honest over decades, but the research shows this is only perception and not reality. Perception likely comes from the media portrayal of negative news. Sad.

 Astrud Gilberto, bossa nova singer of The Girl from Ipanema, dies aged 83

From no previous recording experience to the second most listened-to song of all time.  RIP.

Delbar replaces Ford Fry’s King and Duke in Buckhead this winter

The best restaurant in Atlanta is coming to Buckhead, so you don’t have to trek down to Inman Park any longer.

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from the past

Culture Edit - Roundup 6.5.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: AI continues to dominate the headlines as the world of work reels with ramifications, Amazon walked out, James Beard investigates, and some good news from a client.

Former Children's Healthcare of Atlanta patient working dream job as nurse

All connected through the Thread of Care…

A majority of Americans have heard of ChatGPT, but few have tried it themselves

Only 14%!

Does your company use AI in hiring? Better check your bias

The EEOC issues new guidance on using AI in hiring.  This will be the first of many new legal AI pitfalls coming.

When to Give Employees Access to Data and Analytics

“Data science is difficult and an untrained “expert” cannot necessarily solve hard problems, even with good software.”

How ChatGPT Is Reshaping The C-Suite, With New AI Leadership Position

Ready for the Chief AI Officer (CAIO). So close to ciao!

The world’s biggest ad agency is going all in on AI with Nvidia’s help

Preemptive strategy by WPP.

A lawyer used ChatGPT and now has to answer for its ‘bogus’ citations

The legal profession is about to go through a significant crackdown on AI.

OpenAI isn’t doing enough to make ChatGPT’s limitations clear

“Users deserve blame for not heeding warnings, but OpenAI should be doing more to make it clear that ChatGPT can’t reliably distinguish fact from fiction.”

Amazon corporate workers stage walkout, citing ‘lack of trust’ in leadership

1,000 corporate employees walked off the job, while 100,000s of warehouse employees had a day as usual.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky calls out RTO mandates from execs ‘going away to the Hamptons’ and Europe this summer

Valid and likely leading to the sentiment above.

James Beard Foundation, Whose Awards Honor Chefs, Is Now Investigating Them

Considering all the high-profile disasters for award winners, this strategy seems reasonable, but perhaps not the approach.

NICH Playlist: Panhandle

If a playlist had a smell, it would smell like sunscreen, wet clay roads, and the blended aroma of backyard BBQ smokiness with orange blossoms freshly bloomed. Maybe we should create our own NICH perfume line…our next venture?

Culture Edit - Roundup 5.29.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Back from the brink, fake job scams, AI regulations begin, women are back, bleisure travel, more on Ozempic, the new it sneaker for the office and a record breaking mom crushing it.

Bringing Wahoo back from the brink: Interviewing the company's founder, Chip Hawkins

Leading off this week’s Edit with some client news. 

We’ve known Wahoo from the beginning – literally when it was just an idea. To be a part (even if small) of their journey has been pretty awesome. We’ve tested products (ruthlessly!) and helped them define their culture, purpose and vision for the future. To see a founder step up to save an organization and set them back on the path to success is always a breath of fresh air. When you know him and the hard-working Wahooligans behind the scenes it’s special. We’re proud and inspired.

Fake job scams are skyrocketing online — and they’re getting harder to detect

Here’s why verification is coming to LinkedIn – job scammers and bots are out of control.

A Hiring Law Blazes a Path for A.I. Regulation

Predicting more rules and regulations around disclosure of AI tools in hiring and recruiting. Why? See above.

More US Women Are Working Than Ever, Reversing Pandemic Slump

Some good news.

Is ‘bleisure’ travel the new solution for employee burnout?

Not sure we understand the argument against it.

Did Scientists Accidentally Invent an Anti-addiction Drug?

This is going to make it even more difficult for insurance carriers and self-insured employers to look for ways to decline coverage.

‘Lazy Luxury’ Sneakers: Are These the Most-Worn Shoes on Private Jets?

Coming to a huddle room near you.

She Ran 6,400 Miles Over 200 Days. Then She Cooled Off With a Marathon.

Need some inspiration? Here you go.

NICH Playlist: Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura is certain nonchalance, or an art of making difficult tasks appear effortless and easy, so as to convey an image of grace, elegance, and sophistication. Sprezzatura is about concealing the effort that goes into the execution of a task, thus enhancing its aesthetic appeal. It’s a skill highly valued.

Culture Edit: Roundup 5.22.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: What workers think about AI, what they think about the job, wholesome content, RTO battles, HR for couples, idiots at work, scary safety posters, and Atlanta on top.

AI in Hiring and Evaluating Workers: What Americans Think

62% believe artificial intelligence will have a major impact on jobholders overall in the next 20 years

Job Satisfaction at a High Thanks to Work/Life Balance Strides

62.3% of U.S. workers were satisfied in 2022—up from 60.2 percent in 2021

When Did ‘Wholesome’ Become a Gen Z Compliment?

We can attest, this is a common phrase from our intern.

Back-to-Office Battles Underscore a Change in Workplace Authority

“What kind of a leader am I if so few people want to show up?”

The HR-ification Of Marriage

“Some couples are opening up about adopting the types of structures that have long existed in corporations and organizations to work in their partnerships.”

TedTalk: Idiots at work & why you should love them!

Does anyone happen to work with an idiot?

Dutch Safety Posters

Workplace safety next level.

Study: Cities With The Worst Airbnb Fees In 2023

Spoiler alert, Atlanta is number 1.

NICH Spotify - Rivalta

Cafe beach vibes and summertime happiness. Picture an Aperol spritz in your hand, the smell of salt and sunscreen on your skin, the slight tingle of sunkissed cheeks and the laughter of friends.

Culture Edit – Roundup 5.15.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Lots and lots of new workplace studies are released, struggling with Ozempic, wage expectations, Blackberry glory days, chatfishing, Yes, Chef!, and a Sachs follow-up (spoiler alert – he apologizes).

Reducing Information Overload in Your Organization

38% of employees say they receive an “excessive” volume of communications at their organization

Australia will face its 13% gender pay gap

A new law requires employers with more than 100 employees to disclose pay disparities.

The State of Work 2023
A survey of over 18,000 desk workers, managers, and executives reveal organizations’ greatest challenges and opportunities today.

A new study of 1 million employees shows what happens when colleagues leave

It’s not good.

Employers grapple with the weight loss drug craze

“A recent survey found that more than half (51%) would stay at a job they didn’t like to retain coverage for obesity treatment.”

Here's how big of a raise employees are expecting in 2023

“People are looking at what they got last year for last year’s pay increase, and they are expecting about the same this year.”

“BlackBerry” Tracks a Tech Dream That Died

Who doesn’t miss these days?

ChatFished: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People With A.I.

“Will we miss our old ways of working if A.I. takes over the drudgery of communication? And would my colleagues even know, or would they be Chatfished?”

Yes, Chef! The Bear Season 2 Will Arrive This Summer

We’ve said it before, this is a great show highlighting the power of workplace culture.  Mark your calendars.


Culture Edit – Roundup 5.8.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Job market ignores headlines, Execs using AI, labor regulations could finally be updated, watching remote workers, genetic testing at work, new protection for pregnant workers, INM admits what others are thinking, and bad news for those expecting a pay raise.

Job growth totals 253,000 in April, beating expectations even as the U.S. economy slows

For employers, the labor market crisis continues. For workers, options abound.

The Boss Has a Way With Words—or Is It AI?

“If someone says, ‘Oh, ChatGPT probably wrote that,’ it’s a criticism that you’re not an independent thinker.”

How labor secretary nominee Julie Su Labor could change the landscape for gig workers

Our labor laws were created during a different era and need to be updated.

Survey on Employer Surveillance of Remote Employees

1 in 3 Remote Employers Are Watching You Work From Home on a Camera

Genetic testing: The next frontier in employee benefits?

Preventative testing could be very beneficial to health and the bottom line.

What you need to know about the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

The new law requiring reasonable accommodations goes into effect this summer.

IBM could replace 7,800 jobs with artificial intelligence, CEO says

“Using jobs data in both the United States and Europe, report writers found that roughly two-thirds of current jobs are exposed to some degree of AI automation, and that generative AI could substitute for up to one-fourth of current work done by humans.”

Workers Have High Hopes for Pay Raises, Companies Not So Much

Are employers using recession headlines as a way to avoid keeping pace with inflation?

Culture Edit - Roundup 5.1.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: ChatGPT scambles, the impact of AI on self-worth, culture wins, too many comms channels is killing us, “culture quitting,” a place for your next BYC visit, AD tour in Rome and text art of dogs, monkeys and beyond.

ChatGPT learns to forget: OpenAI implements data privacy controls

As organizations scramble to roll out ChatGPT guidelines or outright bans, OpenAI hopes this alleviates some concerns. The “History off” feature is now available.

OpenAI previews business plan for ChatGPT

Called ChatGPT Business, OpenAI describes the forthcoming offering as “for professionals who need more control over their data as well as enterprises seeking to manage their end users.”

"All too human” or the emergence of a techno-induced feeling of being less-able: identity work, ableism and new service technologies

Research how employees come to think about their own abilities in relation to and in comparison to machinic norms, creating unattainable expectations of an “ideal worker”.

Embracing Humanity In The Age Of AI: The Importance Of Company Culture

“There is an undeniably counterintuitive yet crucial reality we must embrace: the need for a strong, human-centric company culture.”

Slack? Phone? Teams? Zoom? There Are Too Many Work Communications

Communication in the workplace is suffering because there are too many channels and mechanisms available.  “teams lost an average 7.47 hours—nearly an entire day—to poor communications a week.”

Culture quitting – what is it and how can businesses prevent it?

We’re pretty sure that this is just called…quitting.

Tour a Sun-Drenched Palazzino in Rome Where Audrey Hepburn Was Rumored to Have Once Lived

Originally intended to be a “place of delight” dedicated to leisure, not residence.


Just click, it’s cool.

Wonder and Awe in Natural History’s New Wing. Butterflies, Too.

The stunning $465 million Richard Gilder Center for Science, designed like a canyon, is destined to become a colossal attraction.


Culture Edit - Roundup 4.24.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: High profile bosses get called out, the trust barometer, more pay transparency, how chatbots learn, elephant seals are not great sleepers and space elevator.

MillerKnoll CEO Sparks Viral Outrage After Telling Staff to ‘Leave Pity City’

Andi Owen is the latest leader to face backlash after a video from a meeting is shared online.

Barbara Lynch, a Leading Boston Restaurateur, Is Accused of Workplace Abuse

“In recent years, former employees said, the frequency of Ms. Lynch’s abusive outbursts and impulsive firings has increased, even as many chefs have improved workplace conditions since the start of the #MeToo movement.”

Edelman Trust Barometer

The annual survey measuring sentiment points toward a downward trend in nearly every category.

EU Equal Pay and Pay Transparency Directive

A sign of things to come for the US?

New Regulations Will Force Companies To Address Pay Equity

“While 70% of business leaders see pay equity as critical to business success, only 14% set aside an appropriate budget to mitigate pay inequities, and only 5% are truly excellent at pay equity.”

Inside the secret list of websites that make AI like ChatGPT sound smart

“Chatbots cannot think like humans: They do not actually understand what they say. They can mimic human speech because the artificial intelligence that powers them has ingested a gargantuan amount of text, mostly scraped from the internet.”

Think you're tired? This animal goes for months with only two hours of sleep a day

So your 6 hours is a luxury.

Space Elevator

Just click it, trust us.

NICH-Mall Vibes Playlist

A totally rad office playlist.

Culture Edit - Roundup 4.17.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: new job satisfaction research, women can be funny at work, bare minimum Mondays, customer experience, too many meetings, and working in Israel. 

A new Pew Research Center report on How American View Their Jobs

% of adult employees saying they are extremely or very satisfied with:

  • 51% are satisfied with their job.
  • 67% are satisfied with their coworker
  • 62% their manager
  • 51% their daily tasks
  • 49% the amount of feedback they receive
  • 34% the amount they are paid

Being Funny Can Pay Off More for Women Than Men

“Research has shown that unless they go out of their way to appear warm and friendly, women who speak in an assertive manner are often perceived as less likable, less influential, and more threatening than their male counterparts, but that when they do appear warm and friendly, their competence often comes into question.”

Customer Experience Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Your customer experience is entirely dependent on your employee experience.

The R.T.O. Whisperers Have a Plan

A niche group of consultants is trying to get you back to the office. It’s not going too well.

That Meeting Was Too Long (and It Probably Could’ve Been an Email)

We are big proponents of meeting-free days as we’ve seen the success they can have if leadership is truly committed.

Four workplace lessons from moving to Israel

“Perhaps this is controversial to say, but I firmly believe it’s okay to cry at work.”

Culture Edit - Roundup 4.10.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup we are taking inspiration from our latest trip to Denmark: A study of Nordic work culture, the impact of culture on tough industries, AI interviews, and using work tools for personal life.

Nordic citizens are again ‘happiest’ as the US climbs to 15th on the global list.

The study notes that Nordic countries especially “merit special attention in light of their generally high levels of both personal and institutional trust”

4 Things Scandinavia Gets Right About Work Culture

They basically don’t take work all that seriously.

Culture Can Improve Retention in High-Volume, Lower-Paying Industries


The Nordic Management Style

Interesting insights on similarities and differences.  Not surprisingly, Trust, Pride, Camaraderie, and Flexibility are at the top.

Are You Prepared to Be Interviewed by an AI?

One we missed last week – coming to a job interview near you soon.

When Did Our Personal Lives Get So Professional?

“…no matter what any overenthusiastic H.R. rep may say — one’s personal life can be a job in the sense that individuals have personal goals they want to accomplish, mundane tasks that need completing, and thinly sourced gossip they want to share over coffee.”

Culture Edit - Roundup 4.3.23

In this week's culture roundup: We’ve gone deep on AI and ChatGPT, focusing on how these technologies will impact our client’s people strategies and employer brands.  

Deep breath.

We’ve gone deep on AI and ChatGPT with a focus on how these technologies will impact our client’s people strategies and employer brands.

Bottom line, organizations that immediately adopt AI strategies will work faster, recruit better and retain the best employees.  There are a lot of organizations about to be caught off guard.

Many current HR system technologies have not lived up to their potential and remain a frustrating necessity for large employers. However, with the introduction of AI-powered tools, organizations can now recruit and onboard employees quickly and efficiently. Additionally, AI has the potential to revolutionize internal talent management and development, which will have a significant impact on retention rates.

In light of these advancements, many tech platforms and companies that rely on outdated HR systems are at risk of being left behind. It is crucial for organizations to develop a strategy for utilizing AI in HR and talent functions to stay competitive.

We see many of these tech platforms and the companies that rely on them being left in the dust.

AI will allow large organizations to recruit the right people quickly and efficiently and onboard them to speed with very little effort.  Most importantly, AI has the potential to have a monumental impact on retention due to its internal talent management and development capabilities.  This all gets us really excited.  And we have not even mentioned internal comms and engagement.

Developing a strategy to utilize AI for HR, talent and communication functions starts now.

HR-GPT Arriving Now. Beamery Starts The Generative AI Revolution in HR.

Berson’s thoughts on the immediate future of AI impacting HR tech.

The Age of AI has begun

Bill Gates breaks it down.  He considers this one of two watershed moments in his life.

How to Become an Expert on A.I.

A step-by-step guide.

GPT-4 vs. ChatGPT: just how much better is the latest version?

In case you were wondering.

ChatGPT 101 for HR Pros

SHRM’s thoughts. “Should you be worried? If your sole reason for living is to do basic HR tasks, yes, you should be worried.”

The 7 Best Examples Of How ChatGPT Can Be Used In Human Resources (HR)

“HR departments can leverage ChatGPT to streamline their operations, improve the candidate experience, and make more informed hiring decisions.”

What ChatGPT and other generative AI tools mean for HR

Note the salary benchmarking opportunity.  Salary transparency is about to get real.

Lastly, we asked ChatGPT to tell us what it thinks.

What are some examples of how ChatGPT can change HR technology?

ChatGPT, being an AI-powered conversational agent, has the potential to transform the HR technology industry in various ways. Here are some examples:

1. Recruitment and candidate screening: ChatGPT can assist in the initial stages of recruitment by screening candidates and answering their questions, freeing up HR professionals’ time for other tasks. It can also help identify qualified candidates and recommend them for further evaluation.
2. Employee onboarding: ChatGPT can provide a personalized onboarding experience to new employees, guiding them through the company’s policies, procedures, and culture. It can also answer their questions and provide support during the transition period.
3. Performance management: ChatGPT can assist in tracking employee performance and providing feedback. It can also help employees set goals, monitor their progress, and suggest areas for improvement.
4. Training and development: ChatGPT can provide personalized training and development programs to employees based on their job roles, skills, and career aspirations. It can also help track their progress and provide feedback.
5. Employee engagement and retention: ChatGPT can facilitate employee engagement by providing personalized feedback and support. It can also help identify potential issues and suggest solutions to improve employee retention.

Overall, ChatGPT has the potential to streamline and automate many HR processes, enabling HR professionals to focus on more strategic tasks. It can also provide a more personalized and engaging experience to employees, leading to improved job satisfaction and retention rates.

Culture Edit - Roundup 3.27.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Why DE+I programs are failing, CEO onboarding, WFH is under attack, personality tests are an ego-driven industry, tech skills, perk sessions, and “old school” camera apps.

Research: Where Employees Think Companies’ DEIB Efforts Are Failing

A common discussion we have been having with business leaders who are perplexed by the lack of progress. Here’s a concise list as to why they are not working.

Where Women’s Leadership Development Programs Fall Short

“These programs can become yet another gender tax for women. Using WLDPs as a fix for systemic gender inequities communicates to women that it is their responsibility to correct the company’s gender imbalance in leadership, and the payoff doesn’t always equal the time commitment.”

Starbucks’s New CEO Brews Coffee at Stores to Prepare for Role

This is how you really onboard a new CEO: a six-month immersion into Starbucks culture and operations.

Is Working From Home Really Working?

The pendulum is starting to swing back. Organizations need to declare what they stand for and find the people who align. – “The question lurking in the minds of many with whom I’ve spoken (as well as my own): Has America gone soft?”

The $2 Billion Question of Who You Are at Work

“Personality testing is roughly a $2 billion industry… Their appeal is both magnetic and obvious: ego.”

The Technology Skills Every Employee Should Have Today

More for the skills over degrees argument.

Amazon's 9,000 layoffs to affect division with strong Atlanta presence

Hiring and firing without regard to consequences.

The perk-cession is here. You lose free food and laundry, but you could have a more satisfying life.

Organizations are quiet-quitting the kombucha bar.

Retro camera app Hipstamatic makes its return as an anti-Instagram social network

Here for the pics only.

Culture Edit - Roundup 3.20.23

In this week’s workplace culture news roundup: Art and artist theme working content, gender diversity is actually in reverse in tech, what happened to Sears, and sad days for the French retirees.

Tom Sachs Promised a Fun Cult

Are artists exempt from common workplace standards?

“Everyone must place all items at parallel or 90-degree angles. They are to walk quietly, as if in a monastery. Employees must maintain a healthy diet-and-exercise regimen, avoid “personal inventiveness,” and respond to commands with the words ” I understand, or I don’t understand.”

Tom Sachs Allegations: Boundary Issues, Underwear-Clad Nike Meeting, & More

The fallout.

10 Bullets by Tom Sachs

An employee handbook video. “Follow this guide carefully and you probably won’t be fired.”

Pokémon, Statues, and Porsches: Daniel Arsham's Big Boy Playground

“There are very few things that I do today that I could have imagined as a teenager that I would be doing.”

The Louvre's Only American Employee was a Business Major

“Getting your foot in the door is the way to do it.”

Understanding The Value Of Art At Work

“Visual arts enrich any environment as expressions of human creativity, culture, passion and aspiration.”

Is Gender Diversity In Reverse Gear?

A recent study from Accenture reveals that women in STEM have declined (despite all the efforts). Half of young women drop out by 35. Why?

More Students Are Turning Away From College and Toward Apprenticeships

Something we believe in, learning real applicable skills and experience are the future.

Golf at 3 p.m. Thursday? Sure, It's the Afternoon Fun Economy.

Another example of why managers are skeptical of WFH.
Of course, the managers are probably the ones playing golf.

The Fall and Fall of America's Department Store

One of the great tragedies of retail due to poor management. A long read and cautionary tale.

The Party Is Ending for French Retirees

Still better than retiring to Del Boca Vista (dog whistle).

Culture Edit - Roundup 3.13.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: The new quiet-quitting, the importance of time, labor numbers still good, Elon’s town, single ladies, the get fit tool, the quarter zip for guys, and sandwiches!

I do “Bare Minimum Mondays”

At least it’s not quiet-quitting…?

Gallup: How Important Is Time in the Office?

“Thirty-two percent of hybrid employees indicate that virtual meetings are less effective than in-person meetings compared with 17% who say virtual meetings are more effective.”

Payrolls rose 311,000 in February, more than expected, showing solid growth

Labor numbers continue to impress.

Elon Musk Is Planning a Texas Utopia—His Own Town

One-upping Amazon’s mortgage collateral perk.

Party of One: How single women stack up in the US economy

Single women provide an outsized lift to the labor force, yet the wage gap persists.

UnderstandinThe Internet’s Richest Fitness Resource Is a Site from 1999g The Value Of Art At Work

So old school it’s good.

Quarter-zipper becomes the new status symbol for men of a certain position

“Polo necks with a little zip that runs from neck to chest have become the new status symbol of men of a certain position as they ditch the shirt and tie aesthetic.”

The Daily opens its second Atlanta location next week in Inman Park

We are pretty excited about this…yum.

Rotating Sandwiches

Just click. You’re welcome.

Culture Edit - Roundup 3.6.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Missing work spouses, Amazon with the big perk, tech with the fake perks, leading with compassion, layoff hype, the 4-day week is for less than half, and a smooooooth playlist.

NICH Playlist: Stan + Chet

Arguably the greatest sax and trumpet players ever. Smooth office grooves.

What’s Missing From Office Life? It May Be Your Work Spouse

Let’s face it. It’s hard to be besties over Zoom.

Amazon is letting employees use their stock to finance home purchases and even second homes

You’ve got to hand it to them, this is quite the creative perk.

Office Mandates. Pickleball. Beer. What Will Make Hybrid Work Stick?

Sadly, it’s not perks. It’s culture and leadership.

Leading with Compassion Has Research-Backed Benefits

No doubt that honey works better than vinegar.

What Layoffs? Many Employers Are Eager to Hang On to Workers.

“Outside of some high-profile companies mostly in the tech sector… layoffs in the economy as a whole remain remarkably, even historically, rare.”

The 4-Day Week Is for White-collar Workers

A commonly forgotten fact.  “A slight majority of U.S. workers are paid by the hour rather than by salary.”

Culture Edit - Roundup 2.27.23

In this week's workplace culture news roundup: Newsletters on the mind, TikTok's viral unemployed community, more on the 4-day work week, the part-time exec job, brain implants, cool offices, acceptable shoplifting (?), LinkedIn gaming, and downtown ATL on the rise.

Top 14 HR Newsletters Every Expert Needs to Read in 2023

This is a solid list.

The E-Mail Newsletter for the Mogul Set

Puck is designed to reveal the backstory, take readers into back rooms, and display the back-scratching within them.

Are We Past Peak Newsletter?

For the broad, boring and inconsistent – yes.

They Lost Their Jobs, Then Went Viral on TikTok

“Some workers are using the platform to share stories about job cuts, give advice and search for new roles.”

How TikTok influencers are helping companies recruit new workers

Innovative recruiting strategies are working – don’t miss out.

After Testing Four-Day Week, Companies Say They Don't Want to Stop

More data to consider. It likely won’t work for everyone, but for the right organization, this has huge potential for engagement, retention and productivity.

Your Next Career Move: Part-Time Executive

For the third-third.

Brain implant startup is testing mind-controlled computing on humans

The life-changing beyond science-fiction concepts that are coming to reality.

Tour the Manhattan Office of Graydon Carter's Air Mail

“I wanted to finally have an office without a swipe card.”

As a Whole Foods Worker, I See Shoplifting All the Time—And I Don't Stop It

“Let’s just say I don’t feel too bad about taking $15 or $20 of stuff from Whole Foods when Jeff Bezos is the richest man on Earth.”

These Three Words Are Taking Over LinkedIn

Commenting for reach.

Nelson Street Bridge reopens downtown as a pedestrian pathway

Thanks to our friends at CIM and Newport, big changes are coming to downtown.

A New Energy for Downtown

Don’t just take our word for it.

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