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Integrating Teams and Articulating a New Culture

Tegra is a global apparel manufacturer producing athletic clothing and uniforms for some of the world’s most recognizable brands like Nike, Under Armor and Adidas. 

Only a few years old and formed through the acquisition of five different organizations, Tegra was created by one of the world’s largest private equity firms. Now they’re providing vertical integration to the western hemisphere for the entire apparel industry.

With over 13,000 employees in the U.S. and Central America, this purpose-driven organization takes a different approach to manufacturing through a heightened emphasis on people and purpose. With culture as a priority, Tegra called on NICH to help them define, articulate and promote their Culture Story throughout the organization. 



Our strategy was focused around the most important part of the whole process: the people. Throughout four months of intensive discovery, we got to know 220 employees across the U.S. and Central America. We made several international trips and spent 335 hours visiting the plants, talking one-on-one with employees and conducting two weeks of focus groups. From there, we were able to understand what’s special about working there, as well as the personal impacts the company has had on their lives. 

The next step was to take everything we learned and start developing their Culture Story, beginning with the Purpose. We also worked with their existing Mission, Core Values and Operating Principles. We were able to capture the essence of these concepts – and bring them to life in new ways that are even more relevant and meaningful to their employees. That way, the company was able to hold on to the familiar concepts they had previously invested in – and we were able to elevate them to a whole new level. We brought it all together in a 22-page Culture Playbook, featuring custom infographics, employee quotes, and professional photography of their people and work environments. 

The Culture Story and Culture Playbook serve as the foundation for how the company connects their people and shares common goals, beliefs and behaviors. And through our Culture Messaging Sustainability Roadmap, the messaging will continue to be part of their daily language and employee experience. Tegra is currently on a two-year strategic plan that includes employee-generated content development, internal communications and leadership strategy & execution. 

For the final step, we assisted leadership in developing a clear and concise way to communicate the business strategy to all employees. By boiling down a comprehensive list of initiatives into four Critical Priorities, we ensured that every employee can understand how their role impacts what the organization is trying to achieve.

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