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Wahoo Fitness Culture: A Short Film

Tasked with defining and articulating the Wahoo Culture, we spent a good part of the year interviewing Wahoo employees across the globe about the existing behaviors and beliefs at the company. After experiencing success early on in the company’s history, they maintained their culture through the principles on which Chip founded the company. But like all great growth stories, as you scale and hire more people, the culture concepts become harder to permeate to everyone if they are not clearly defined and written down. The end goal of discovery was to define Wahoo’s purpose and values.


But it wasn’t enough to send out these values and call it a day. Wahoo asked us to develop an impactful and memorable way to display their values and purpose to the world.


We produced this film in partnership with LionStar Films to showcase the culmination of concepts of this work. It’s an authentic insight into the values and culture that define Wahoo. We are proud of this work, and we are thankful to Wahoo for allowing us to be a part of the process.

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