Drive innovation and business results through culture and people strategy.

We assist world class organizations to understand, define, articulate and promote exceptional work culture.

Who We Are

We are a strategic consultancy and creative agency with a focus on culture and people strategy. Our differentiator is that we are experienced business leaders and highly creative solution implementors.

What We Do

We help you craft and deliver your culture story to the world: CandidatesEmployeesCustomers

What We Believe

Culture and intentional people strategy is now the competitive advantage. We believe that business has the capacity and capability to drive meaningful change.

Select Clients

If you are genuinely serious about the impact of your people and culture on your business, you should have NICH at your side to help you bring it to life within your company.  Many companies represent themselves as advocates of their people, but NICH Culture genuinely understand the power of people and help companies who align with that same belief create amazing places to work.

– Steve Cochran, CEO, Tegra