Friends and colleagues,

To say that I am excited to be writing this to you today would be a huge understatement. Most of you have known me for several years and been a part of my unique career as it evolved from labor attorney into business executive and culture advocate. Now we take another turn on the evolutionary path. One where I use those past experiences and skills to help organizations address what is the biggest challenge of the modern workforce — attracting, building, and retaining innovative and engaged talent.

To put it bluntly, in today’s contemporary business environment superior human strategy is the competitive advantage. Expectations of the customer and employee have changed, as has the speed of the business world in which we live. The influence of technology and the vast availability of information to the current generation worker has significantly enhanced the expectations of the entire workforce.

As many of you know, for nearly a year now I have embedded myself in the startup world researching what makes this culture so attractive to innovative talent. Along with this research, we have used my experience in building an innovative large enterprise HR function to develop comprehensive models that can help organizations properly structure their human capital function and culture to appeal and engage the next generation worker. These strategic models define a service we call “Workforce Design”.

I’m also pleased to announce that my wife, Nikki, will be joining me as the brand and creative expert in the studio. More importantly, she is our lead Millennial, ensuring generational relevancy in the services we provide. Along with our immediate team, we have used our vast network of professionals and partners to develop a consortium of service providers that can deliver modern, unique, culturally relevant and compliant services.

So what does all this mean?

1) We help high growth companies scale tactical human capital and compliance functions while maintaining their unique culture.

2) We also help large enterprise organizations design and implement strategies to be relevant, attractive, and engaging to the next generation workforce.

While we have already taken on clients, we are now officially opening our doors for the full flight of services.

We will also continue to conduct and publish our research around the next generation workforce. We will also be hosting unique knowledge share events focused on all aspects of experience design; from brand to product design, and ultimately, the influence of cultural workforce design.

Oh, and lastly, what in the world is a tifosi”? It’s actually a who, not a what. It’s an Italian expression referring to passionate fans of sport. In my lifelong participation (“obsession”?) with the sport of cycling, it’s commonly used to describe the MOST passionate fans of a team. Those fans that would do anything for the team because they believe in them with all their heart. That’s what we believe every organization should have in its employees — raving fans. And it’s what every employee wants in their place of employment, a team they believe in.

As always, thank you for your time, and please check out our website for more information and sign up for knowledge share updates.